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I understand I am volunteering to perform work duties for Lexington Rescue Mission without expectation of wages or other compensation for my work.

I am serving as a volunteer and not as an employee, and as such, I realize I have no legal claim for minimum wages, overtime, premiums, unemployment compensation or other provision of law for employees.

Rather, it is my desire to help the mission accomplish its God-given purpose. I hereby waive and release all claims I may have as a result of volunteering against Lexington Rescue Mission and their officers, agents, servants, and employees.

Additionally, I have reviewed the Volunteer Handbook (linked above) and adhere to all policies included.

Lexington Rescue Mission Waiver

If Under 18 Years Old

I agree to maintain confidentiality as a condition of my volunteer position due to potential access to information that is confidential and/or intended for organizational use only. I recognize that unauthorized release of confidential information may make me subject to a criminal action.

I understand that the below are listed examples of, but is not an all-inclusive list, of such confidential information:

Donor lists and information
Outreach Center client information
Potter’s House and Broadway House resident information
Re-entry Program participant information
Jobs for Life participant information

Volunteer Responsibility

All employees and volunteers are required to protect each client’s right to privacy. This applies to records kept for the purpose of identifying clients as well as materials presented solely for reference purpose. Volunteers serving at any Lexington Rescue Mission location must sign and adhere to this policy of confidentiality.

Volunteers who are granted access to Lexington Rescue Mission’s online computer system in the course of their service are asked to strictly maintain the privacy of all clients by not divulging any personal information to anyone other than Lexington Rescue Mission personnel.

As a Lexington Rescue Mission volunteer, I understand and agree to the ‘Confidentiality Policy’ as described above. I also understand that violating this policy may result in possible dismissal from my volunteer position with the Lexington Rescue Mission.

Lexington Rescue Mission Waiver

If Under 18 Years Old

Getting Started

The first step to getting plugged in as a volunteer is to fill out our online volunteer application to let us know your contact information, availability, skills, interests, and preferences (after you click on the Next button, be sure to click Submit). Please review the Volunteer Handbook before submitting the waiver at the end of the application. Once you have submitted your application, we will contact you about next steps.

Please also review our statement of faith and vision statement. We appreciate your interest in helping the Lexington Rescue Mission accomplish our mission: To glorify God through a Christ-centered ministry that meets the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of hurting people in the greater Lexington area.

Questions? Contact Zea Shipman, our Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, and she will help you get started and let you know of specific opportunities.

Serve a Meal

These volunteers help dish food, serve meals, wash and dry dishes, and clean the dining room. Breakfast volunteers help from 8:45am - 10:00am and lunch volunteers help from 11:45am - 1:00pm. We serve breakfast and lunch Monday - Saturday.

clean & organize

Volunteers help create a welcoming space for our guests at The Outreach Center by cleaning the building and the property. Volunteers also help ensure clothing, hygiene, and supplies get distributed to our guests by keeping our resource room and storage space organized.

pick up food

We rely on volunteers to pick up food donations from local restaurants and grocery stores on a weekly basis to help reduce waste and feed our hungry neighbors.

Help Job-Seekers

These volunteers help lead Jobs for Life, a class that teaches men and women the soft skills needed to find, secure, and keep lasting employment. Volunteers serve as both teachers and mentors in the classroom, helping job-seekers prepare to succeed in the workplace. In addition, we need business professionals who will do mock interviews with class participants.

drive residents

Volunteers help our residents get to appointments (medical, job interviews, probation and parole, etc.). These car rides are the perfect opportunity to meet their practical needs and get to know our residents.

Street outreach

Join our street outreach team in ministering to people who are living in homeless encampments, parks, and cars. We will go out in small groups to help meet their physical needs, offer prayer, and encourage them.

deliver furniture

Help make a house a home! We need volunteers to move donated furniture from the mission to homes of clients who have moved out of homelessness and into housing.

Lead bible study

Lead residents in our men's homes in studying scripture and help them apply it to their lives.

Be a Mentor

Mentors guide residents living at our transitional living houses, people recently released from jail or prison, and families who are moving out of homelessness. These mentors meet individually with a client once a week to offer support and guidance. Mentors listen to their mentees' struggles, offer them emotional support, and encourage them in their spiritual walk. Meetings may take place in a variety of settings. As a mentor, you will meet a critical role for a person who is learning what it looks like to walk with Christ.

support recovery

Lead small groups of residents in The Genesis Process, a curriculum that gets to the root of destructive behaviors and helps participants find healing and lasting freedom.

Go Inside

Our Breaking Chains ministry needs volunteers willing to go inside jails and detention centers to be mentors or instructors in Jobs for Life classes and Genesis Process classes. This is a unique opportunity to minister to the poor in spirit. Our goal is to prepare these men and women for their re-entry back into the community. We are building small teams of volunteers to go into Fayette County Detention Center, Jessamine County Detention Center, Madison County Detention Center, Woodford County Detention Center, Northpoint Training Center, and Blackburn Correctional Complex to teach these classes to men and women who are incarcerated.

Pray for Our Residents

We need individuals, families, and groups who want to lift up our residents' needs to the Lord to serve as prayer warriors. Each month, we will send you an e-mail with specific requests for our residents at The Potter's House so you can pray for them by name. We also ask that you maintain the privacy of our guests by not sharing personal information with others. We also look forward to sharing the good news of how God is working in their lives in response to your prayers.

Special Events

We'd love to serve with you one of our upcoming special events!  From event preparation to day-of service, there's a need and role for everyone insterested in partnering with us! Find out what events are coming up and how you can help here.

Be An Ambassador

Help establish a strong relationship between Lexington Rescue Mission and your church, school, or civic group. As a Mission Ambassador you will receive regular e-mail updates about what is going on at the Mission and how your group can get involved. Your role would be to share that information with the appropriate people at your group and encourage them to get involved in the ministry.


Get Your Business Involved

We want to partner with your business to further our ministry. There are many ways to get involved!

1) Hire temporary employees through our Advance Lexington Staffing Service.
2) Allow a Jobs for Life class to tour your business; seeing workplaces in action is an important part of job training.
3) Have employees participate in mock interviews. The real-life experience of an interview is invaluable.
4) Sponsor a fund-raising event to reach prospective new customers, build your brand, and support our ministry.

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