Upcoming Events

april 11, 2020

Easter Dinner

444 Glen Arvin Avenue • 11 AM – 2 PM

Join us for a service celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, followed by a holiday dinner. If you are interested in helping to serve, please contact Ansley McElroy. If you would like to provide an Easter dinner for our hungry neighbors, you can make your gift online

What’s New at the Mission?

March 2020

Coronavirus Response

People experiencing homelessness are particularly vulnerable during a public health emergency like the Coronavirus outbreak. They sleep in congregate shelters, have a harder time accessing basic sanitation, and often have chronic health conditions. So while many schools, churches, and businesses around the city must shut down, the Lexington Rescue Mission plans to stay open to ensure our neighbors in need have access to basic necessities: food and water, hygiene supplies, and shelter.

However, we are making many temporary adjustments to our services to protect public health. Like everyone else, we are sanitizing our facilities more frequently, and we are changing some of the ways we serve our guests (e.g. giving out bottles of water and pre-packaged pastries, etc.). We are also working hard to educate all of our guests and residents about COVID-19 and how they can prevent the spread of germs.

To reduce the length of time people congregate at The Outreach Center, we are now:
  • Serving hot lunches in carry-out containers instead of plated meals
  • Changing our walk-in procedures so we can quickly attend to guests who need hygiene products, clothing vouchers, food supplies, bus passes, and other basic necessities. Visitors may also call us at (859) 381-9600 for curbside service.
  • Suspending chapel services, Steady Hands, and Jobs for Life classes
  • Cancelling all mission tours
To protect the health of the residents in our transitional homes, we are now:
  • Screening our residents for symptoms of COVID-19
  • Moving our residents ages 60+ out of our dorm and into more private rooms
To protect our volunteers and staff, we are now:
  • Ensuring all staff and volunteers who are particularly at risk (age 60+ or with a chronic health condition) stay home for at least two weeks

We are also now screening and coordinating care for our sick clients with other homeless agencies, local healthcare providers, and city officials. Every morning, we are meeting with this group to better respond to the COVID-19 outbreak as a community of providers. You can read the full plan here. The City of Lexington will be keeping the public informed of the needs of all the local agencies serving the homeless, and you can stay up-to-date on the latest needs by visiting their Facebook page.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers as we continue ministering to those in need with fewer staff and volunteers. If you would like to help serve during this crisis and are free during daytime hours, please visit our volunteer page. If you would like to help cover the cost off the staffing and supplies needed to respond to this crisis, please visit our website to make a donation. Thank you so much for your care and concern for our neighbors in need!


January 2020

Food. Clothing. Shelter

Thank you for caring about our homeless neighbors!

Do you have your copy of the 2020 Street Guide

This guide is designed to help our homeless neighbors access basic necessities in Lexington. You can help by printing and sharing it with men, women and youth who are in need. We recommend keeping a few copies in your car or putting one in your wallet or purse. You can also give several guides to your workplace, school or church to keep on-hand for anyone in need.

Thank you for your compassion for those in need!


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