Events and Happenings

Saturday, October 10 at 11 am

Mission Tour

Join us for a tour of our Outreach Center to see first-hand how your gifts are changing lives and to learn about volunteer opportunities. Reserve your spot today by contacting Yvette Davis, Development Coordinator.

Wednesday, October 28 at 11 am

Mission Tour

Don’t miss our last tour of the month of the Outreach Center to see your gifts in action and learn how you can start serving at the mission. Be sure to let us know you plan to attend by contacting Yvette Davis, Development Coordinator.

Tuesday, October 20 at 5 pm

Mission Tour

Stop by for an evening tour of the Outreach Center to find out more about how you can get involved. Be sure to let us know you plan to attend by contacting Yvette Davis, Development Coordinator.

Saturday, November 7 at 11 am

Mission Tour

Join our weekend tour of the Outreach Center to see how your support is making a difference and learn about how you can serve at the mission. Be sure to let us know you plan to attend by contacting Yvette Davis, Development Coordinator.

What’s New at the Mission?

covid-19 update

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the Lexington Rescue Mission! Through your generosity and God’s provision, our doors have been open everyday since the COVID-19 crisis began. We have seen God work in some amazing ways over the past month and we wanted to share these “God Moments” with you.

We have about 30 clients employed by Bluegrass Distillers, putting labels on their hand sanitizer products. These clients tell us they are so thankful to be employed right now when many are losing jobs. They say they get paid well and their employer even treated them to lunch recently to show them how much they are appreciated during this critical time. They added that working helps them in their recovery by giving them purpose. Many clients are hoping to stay there long-term!

As our chaplain was cleaning up after lunch recently, one of our clients came running out of the Outreach Center and shouted, “I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I can go back to work now! I know I can’t, but I want to hug everyone!” When the chaplain asked what happened, the client explained that he had just received a gift card from one of our caseworkers to buy steel toe boots. He has a job, but was not allowed to work until he got these boots. Now he had the money needed to buy them. “I love you guys!” the client said. “We love you and everyone else here too; that’s why we’re here,” answered our chaplain.

Thank you for the lives you are saving and changing through your generous gifts and support! Please continue to pray for the Mission and all our clients, especially during these challenging times. You can make a gift to our Coronavirus Response fund here:

2020 street guide

Food. Clothing. Shelter

Thank you for caring about our homeless neighbors!

Do you have your copy of the 2020 Street Guide

This guide is designed to help our homeless neighbors access basic necessities in Lexington. You can help by printing and sharing it with men, women and youth who are in need. We recommend keeping a few copies in your car or putting one in your wallet or purse. You can also give several guides to your workplace, school or church to keep on-hand for anyone in need.

Thank you for your compassion for those in need! 

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