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Melanie’s Story


Melanie’s daughter just disappeared.

She had become a heroin addict and Melanie and her family were trying to help. Her grandfather had taken her to a detox facility. “He dropped her off and saw her walk in,” Melanie remembers. “She walked in the doors, watched him leave and then she turned around and left.”

Living in Las Vegas at the time, Melanie looked for her daughter morning, noon and night. “In my heart of hearts, I know she’s still there. I just think she’s so far into heroin that she can’t find her way out.”

But in her quest to find her daughter, Melanie relapsed into old habits. “I fell off the wagon
looking for her. I lost pretty much everything. I needed to get away from Las Vegas,” she says. “It was dragging me down.”

It was then that her pastor and his wife recommended a recovery center here in Kentucky, and from there, she found Grace Place here at the Mission.

“I always believed in God, but I didn’t start to know God until I came here. It’s a wonderful journey. I’m able to spend quality time with Him. My being here has helped me learn more about myself because I wasn’t so compassionate. I was quick to be angry. But here I’ve learned a lot. I look at it as a huge intervention from God.”

Thanks to your support, Melanie found the tools and support she needed to live a meaningful life, free from addiction and homelessness.

“Grace Place provides me with a place where I can get up in the morning and sit at the table and journal. And I’m able to spend quality time with God.”

Your support also made it possible for her to receive help finding employment through our Jobs for Life program. “My goal is to get a job and get back into the hotel industry where I had been for 33 years. Then, maybe I can transfer back to Las Vegas.”

To partners like you who have helped make a difference in Melanie’s life through your prayers and support, she says: “Thank you. Thank you. I couldn’t imagine if I wasn’t here. I have no idea where I’d be.”