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Letitia’s Story


“I’ve come closer to God”

Letitia started drinking when she was just 14. “My parents lived here in Lexington,”
she says. “They owned a motorcycle dealership and they fought a lot. When I was 13, I told them I was either going to leave, run away, or go to a military academy in Tennessee.”

“They told me I could go there to get out of the chaos, but it was there that I was introduced to alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and everything that went with that. So that’s when everything started.”

Her drinking worsened when her husband died five years ago in a tragic drowning accident that occurred on Letitia’s birthday. “I started drinking quite a bit, and I was about to be out on the streets. I decided I wanted to get sober. I was getting to where I stayed sick all the time in the hospital.”

By searching online for help, Letitia learned about Grace Place.

“I’ll hold a bed for you!”

Letitia contacted Grace Place and was told she needed to go into a 30-day treatment program first. Once she completed the program, your support made it possible for her to come here to rebuild her life, including her relationship with God.

“I’ve always believed; I just fell away from Him. Through the devotionals we have in the morning, I’ve come closer to God,” she says. “We have church on Sundays and that’s helped a lot.”

She secured a job with UPS and was quickly promoted to supervisor. She has also reforged ties with family members, including her father with whom she wasn’t on speaking terms. She eventually wants to get a place of her own, either in Lexington or Nashville where she still has family.

“We’re thankful for everything the donors do, no matter how small. They do a lot of great things. Everything helps.”

Thank you for making a difference in Letitia’s life through your gifts and prayers!