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Frank’s Story


“This place has given me hope!”

When Frank was a kid, and into his early teen years, he was “heavy into church.” “My dad was a Baptist, and my mom was a Bible School teacher. I always knew there was a God.”

The death of his mom and his daughter shook Frank’s faith. “I was just mad at Him,” Frank admits today.

“My mom died first of old age, and then my daughter died 30 days later of cystic fibrosis. That was the roughest lick I had ever taken in my life. I had never felt something that painful. Me and my wife blamed each other for it, and it just broke us up. It led me into drinking and eventually into drug use.”

That eventually led to time in jail, but not before Frank had begun his journey to sobriety in a Christian-based recovery program.

“While I was in jail, I prayed the whole time. When I got out, I came to the Mission. They told me that they had a place for people who were getting out of prison [The Potter’s House], offered me a job working for the lawn care business, and a way to get back into the community.”

“They gave me hope. They clothed me. They fed and housed me. They gave me a job to help me get started. We go to church. They have Bible study, and I’ve been doing a 12-step program.”

“Some of us forget how important God is in your life, and this place reminds you of that. They help people who are really trying to get back into the community. They help you get your license, your birth certificate, Social Security card. It’s really a great program.”

“They give you an opportunity, but it doesn’t come easy – you’ve got to work for it.”

Thank you for making a difference in Frank’s life through your prayers and support!