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A New Vision

May 24, 2017

Charlie's world is growing darker with each passing day. “For the past 10 years, I’ve been losing my eyesight,” he says. He's an Army veteran so, initially, he went to the VA for treatment and learned that his vision loss was related to a poor diet. Then, five years ago, he discovered Lexington Rescue Mission and our lunch program.

“A friend brought me here for a meal, and I came back for another and another,” he says. “I’m trying to improve my nutrition.”

When Charlie learned that the Mission offered other kinds of assistance, he came back with his mail. “My eyesight is so far gone that I can’t read anything,” he says. “They read my important mail and help me pay my bills over the phone, dialing for me and giving me my account numbers.”

Charlie has also taken advantage of our Pastoral Care Program, sharing his life concerns with our coordinators. “They have a lot of insight,” he says. “They’ve helped me see the issues with my eyesight differently – they’ve shown me better ways of doing things. I have a different point of view now.”

Four days a week, Charlie walks four blocks to the Mission for lunch now, and all along the way, he anticipates the positive atmosphere that awaits him as much as the healthy meal. “Just talking to the people here brightens my day. They make me much happier,” he says. “Their support makes my life much easier.”

WITH YOUR HELP, Charlie and others like him are finding that God’s hope and healing are for everyone, regardless of their past or circumstances. Thank you for your generous support!


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